Believe it or not, Google has become  the new ‘School’ in this day and age.

Whether you are looking for instructions on how to un-box a new phone, best time to take a walk down the beach in Hawaii or you are just curious about what monkeys in Brasil eat for supper; Google has an answer to all your questions.


Since Google has a smart way of  remembering almost any and every search criteria people type in that long search bar, it has created an opportunity for individuals ask questions as if they were having a conversation with a real person:

Google – ‘Can I get my boyfriend back, I still love him’

Google – ‘I don’t know what to ask, ask me something’

Google – ‘My wallet got lost, please help me find it’

Ok, I might have been a bit outrageous with some of the questions but here are some interesting and hilarious Google searches;

I for one am a fan of the video tutorials and with the purchase of Youtube, Google has made videos easily reachable through the search page.

This has taken search to a whole new level of excitement and am still optimistic about what lays ahead in terms of innovation.

So what’s your GoogleFu like?

Are you looking to learn a new skill or gain knowledge about innovations in areas of interest or the best place to travel during summer?

Are you an aspiring entertainer seeking to share your work or do you want to catch some good humor?

The world awaits you on Google.


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