Emerging Entrepreneurs


Emerging Entrepreneurs is a project that focuses on fast rising entrepreneurs who have challenged themselves to continuous growth and expansion in their business.

Emerging Entrepreneurs gives you insights on what inspires them as well as important information on how to get access to them.

“The future of an economy relies on those who are willing to lead the path of its entrepreneurial workforce.”

One of our key objective is to captivate the mind of young readers who aim to be pioneers, professionals, experts and entrepreneurs in their various fields. Our other objectives aim to:

  • Educate Nigerians about entrepreneurship
  • Identify and engage emerging entrepreneurs in Nigeria
  • Interview and profile young and emerging entrepreneurs
  • Create a bench mark for business growth and performance measurement
  • Expose emerging entrepreneurs to additional media channels for their brand publicity

We have a wide range of unique offerings that will be made available to entrepreneurs through the course of the project.

We have over 35 years worth of experience in the marketing communications industry, highly skilled and proactive team and an in depth knowledge of the Nigerian media space.


Email us at [email protected] or call Dami on 07059775659, or during business hours on 01 2953849