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Our unique offering:

SUCCESS SERIES: This weekly series highlights successful business people/entrepreneurs and professionals. The Insider Success Series gives an espousal of the career highlights of these individuals.

The Success Series covers a range wide range of human endeavors, from media entrepreneurs to core industrialists.

The series is focused on helping entry and midlevel career professionals as well as entrepreneurs understand and realize what it takes to be successful.

Frequent followers of the Success Series can expect to gain a better understanding of how to utilize the wide variety of resources available to them, and have greater faith in their own potential.

MEET THE CEO: We conduct interviews with CEOs of various companies ranging from SME’s to FMCG’s and top public figures.

This medium affords CEOs the opportunity to shed lights on their unique business offerings as well as the frameworks that led to their business success over the years.

With the approval of these CEOs, interviews are conducted in their business offices and facilities tours are conducted when necessary. These interviews take us into the corporate life of these chief executives in order to showcase and communicate the dynamics of their business ventures.


This is a project that focuses on showcasing fast rising entrepreneurs who have challenged themselves to continuous growth and expansion in their business.

Emerging Entrepreneurs gives you insights on what inspires them as well as important information on how to get access to them.

One of our key objectives is to captivate the mind of young readers who aim to be pioneers, professionals, experts and entrepreneurs in their various fields. Our other objectives aim to:

  • Educate Nigerians about entrepreneurship
  • Identify and engage emerging entrepreneurs in Nigeria
  • Interview and profile young and emerging entrepreneurs
  • Create a bench mark for business growth and performance measurement
  • Expose emerging entrepreneurs to additional media channels for their brand publicity
  • We have a wide range of unique offerings that will be made available to entrepreneurs.

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An advertorial will have the brand provide either the thematic direction of the write or the content itself.

Product “Hypes” articles

This is a strategic placement of “hype” content. It is a subtle endorsement of a brand

Social Media Marketing

Using our Social Media platforms, we can help create top of mind awareness for brands  and encourage patronage

Display Advertising

Leaderboard – 720 x 90

Half Page – 300 x 600

Medium Rectangle – 300 x 250

Square – 300 x 300

Small Rectangle – 300 x 100

To collaborate on any of these campaigns, Kindly send an email to [email protected]

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